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It's All About You.

Each of us has the power to make an impact on the issues that challenge the strength, stability and sustainability of our local communities.

Our goal is to be your partner and help you amplify your impact mission. Whether we build you a custom social impact experience or invite you to join the growing community on our new online giving platform, we will always give you our best with one goal in mind - to build a stronger, kinder and more sustainable world with you, so  everyone can thrive.


Are you in?


Inclusive, Accessible, Fun & Impactful

These are our standards and core values.

Making a difference is not limited to how much money you have, where you live, how old or how smart you are. Everyone has a role to play. What will your impact be?

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What's Your Impact?

Click on a cause icon below to tell the community what you do to make an impact.