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Everyone has something to give.


Support your community and get involved now.


Be a Community Champion

You have the power to make a difference and be a champion for the change you want to see.


Whether it's supporting a local business that helps the community, volunteering at a local charity or spreading the word about the causes you care about

 Kind Village empowers you to get involved and join our community of champions.

Find & Support
A Cause

Search our directory of charities and community organizations to learn about new ways you can help.  Browse the Wish Lists for volunteer opportunities or to see what donations are needed most and get giving!


Join the Party!

Kind Village hosts and supports Impact Events all year long.

Come join the party and support local community organizations or host your own Impact Event and we will help you get the word out. 

Find & Support Local Businesses

Kind Businesses and Kind Professionals prioritize community building and give to make a difference. When you support local Kind Businesses and Professionals, you are not only supporting local community champions, but you are also supporting the communities and causes they help at the same time.


Stay In The Loop

Receive the latest community  updates, news and Impact Event information every month. 

From time to time we will also share special offers, perks and contests to help you make a difference in your community. 




Not sure where to start? Contact us!

We are here to help.