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Let the community know you're there, and you care!

Amplify Your Social Impact Now


Just like you, we are champions for our causes, and we believe that

kind business is better business.  


Raise Awareness


Make a Big Impact

Getting Recognized is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Pick the seal type that best applies to you or your organization and click "Apply"

2. Fill in the application form and click "Send" 

3. Wait and stay awesome, while we work on it!


Once you submit the application it may take us a few days to verify your submission and send you confirmation of acceptance.  We will also send you everything you need to start activating impact in your community!

Step 1: Pick Your Best Fit 

Kind Professionals
making a difference at work



  • Exclusive invitations to special community events. 

  • The Kind Professional Seal on your profile on our platform.

  • The Kind Village Seal of Recognition (digital version to add to your website, business card or online CV) to let others know that you are  commited to making a difference in the community

Kind Businesses
including startups, sole practitioners, small and medium sized companies supporting community causes



  • Exclusive invitations to join special community events. 

  • The Kind Business Seal on your business profile on our platform.

  • Social media "shout outs" to help you raise awareness for your cause and business

  • The Kind Village Seal of Recognition ( decal and digital version to add to your website, business card or online social media profiles) to let others know that your business is commited to making a difference in the community

  *If your organization employs 400+  employees join our Partners Program
Being a community champion is great for business
(and even better for your community!)
Did you know that more than 80% of consumers:

believe businesses should be involved in social issues

will seek out &

be more loyal to  businesses that openly support the community 

 will help your cause by telling their friends & family about the causes your



*Source: Cone Communications, Global CSR Study 2015

You're Welcome.

We love connecting with our community. 
We are inclusive and always looking for new ways to collaborate and make a bigger impact around the world. 
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