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Playing tag online and on social media to tell the whole world what we care about and what we are doing about the BIG issues challenging our communities globally.
You have a voice. Join us and use it:

How to Play

1. Pick a cause you care about. (Click on one of the circles above)

 You can play for as many causes as you like.

2. Record a short video (10-20 seconds) or write a message answering the BIG question:

What do you do to make a difference for the cause you care about?

3. Tag Kind Village on any social media platform

Tw: @thekindvillage IG: @kindvillage FB: @kindvillage

3. Use the hashtag #MyKindOfImpact

4. Tag one of your friends ("Tag U R it @....") and ask them what they do.


* The only rule is no tag backs -- you must tag it forward.

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The Video

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Impact Tag "Stats"



Invented by:       Kind Village Inc.

Launched:          September 30, 2016

Where:               One Young World Summit in Ottawa, Canada

Collaborators:   Redbrick Rooster Inc.

Goal:                  Activate individuals around the world to make an impact together.

Players:              Participants in the One Young City Session @OneYoungWorld and our community around the                                world.