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The Roots of Kind Village: Mission Social Enterprise

October 14, 2016

Using business as a force for good is essential if we hope to solve our biggest local and global challenges.

​Historically, charities, non-profits and government where tasked with solving big problems like hunger, poverty, human and animal rights violations and environmental damage. 

Today, these organizations are still working on these big problems BUT the problems have become more complex and require more funding, more know-how, and more people to work on them.

The challenge is that the resources needed are simply not available.


Enter business. The main priority of a business is to provide solutions that meet market needs.  Success is typically measured by the outcomes of the executed plan.  When businesses are successful the whole community benefits through job growth, economic and community contributions and enhanced products and services.

When we think about the idea of businesses bringing these skills and benefits to the teams of organizations and people trying to solve big problems we all care about, we can't help but imagine the good that could happen.


In fact, when business is harnessed to help support social impact, we see the best opportunity to increase the sustainability of communities and create the lasting social impact that is desired.


​​Perhaps the results are greater social efficiencies, more funding opportunities, advanced research and development, direct support, or even new innovation that makes a difference for those in need.

​But this won't happen if we don't encourage and invite businesses to join our teams for social change.


Businesses have long been quiet partners supporting the community. Over the last decade, we have seen a shift, where business owners want to get more involved, do more good, use their business as a catalyst, activator, and megaphone for change. 

We believe this deserves to be recognized, celebrated and encouraged because this means more good can be done - and more is better when you don’t have enough.

​As part of our BIG IMPACT Mission, Kind Village is committed to:

  • Encouraging and facilitating diverse partnerships to create BIGGER social impact;

  • Raising awareness about social issues challenging local communities;

  • Using our collective knowledge and skills to support sustainable social impact; and,

  • Working tirelessly to increase the value proposition for social enterprise businesses everywhere, not just by walking the talk, but by helping to make it easier for every business and professional to become a social impact catalyst.

We hope you will join us and support our BIG IMPACT mission.

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