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IMPACT Business: Meet Red Brick Rooster

September 17, 2016

Don’t Be Cocky. Be Kind.



So here I am. CEO of a small start-up in branding and digital content called RedBrick Rooster Inc. We are a social enterprise and we want our clients to think and behave in the same way.


We do not often put marketing and branding in the same realm as social impact

because of the performative nature of the beast. However, we have been using art

and performance to share truths and make impact since before the business and

not-for- profit organizations of today existed. We were storytellers, shamans, artists, and writers long before we were CEOs and “thought leaders”.



As I said in a talk earlier this year “a work of fiction can often give us the greatest insight into reality. The other advantages of the for profit model in social impact? Well, there are a few but let’s chat about 2.


1. We are not taking funding away from the not-for-profits who have dedicated causes that inspire smaller organizations and businesses to tackle specific branches of the larger problem. Someone who is trying to feed the homeless deserves the funding to keep inspiring community centers and churches to have soup kitchens.


2.  We actually cannot make money without an added value exchange. Taken seriously, this means we have to give you something of value for you to want to pay us money. So we work really effing hard to do that. There are so many choices, so you are no longer buying soap from us just because you need soap, you are buying it from us because our soap is doing something else too.


Of course we have the crooks with the false window dressings but by showing businesses that social  enterprise not only is a viable business model, but an extremely rewarding one will help us influence those who aren’t already doing it.


To return to my sudsy example: if I can buy soap from a company who employs refugees and offers an integration program into a foreign workplace I will not only be clean AF but my soul will feel cleaner too. This makes companies who use child labour to make their soap or who exploit foreign labour look all that much worse because we are showing them there are other workable models out there.


So before I get carried away I challenge you to do 2 things today in the name of social impact:


1. Think about which products you are LOYAL too and if that doesn’t have something to do with their social value added. Even if it is making your city cooler by having a popsicle food truck. Creativity and niche to be proud of.


2.  Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. This will impact me greatly because love and gratitude helps us to keep making original content.


No one is too good to do good. Don’t be cocky, be kind. Xoxo Toni

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