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Attention High-Flying, Hustling Do-Gooders

If you are reading this, you are probably a mover, shaker or adventure seeker.



Luckily many of you are also hustling to reach your dreams of making an impact on big causes you care about. You may be spending time travelling while you hustle or just travelling over holidays.  If getting on and off airplanes and such is part of your routine, this is the article for you.  

So as we are managing this constant daily flux, (with little room made for stillness or grounding – what’s that?) packing our bags and flying away in the midst of all this can be a bit challenging. Maybe its chaos or just life as we know it these days as human do-ers.


I commend you if you do find still moments in the flux, whether it be a meditation practice, yoga or any mindful pursuit. Wanderlust is my middle name so I can relate to that travel call and how tough it can be to keep grounded.


So, if we are willing to do so much good in business or in our daily lives, then how do we apply that ethos to ourselves and our well being when we jet off into to sky?


The point I'm trying to make is that through all the movement and recycled airplane air, maintaining a healthy mind and body while being on the move can be challenging. In the science of Yoga, called Ayurveda, "ungrounding" and this airy, unbalanced, overstimulated energy can be attributed to key issues like anxiety, restlessness and digestive issues.


Have you ever felt that way in your travels? I know I do, and so I built a travel kit that may seem “hippie dippie” but it serves me very well. I won't leave home without it and it even helps me to make each place I land into, a chilled out home. No matter what the length of my stay.



So we are off. No pun intended. Here is how to make “Sheri's Super Hippie Dippie (but effective) Travel Kit”


1. Smudge + Nag Champa: I like to set up shop where I stay, even if it’s for one or two nights. So to me that means resetting the space I am in to only carry my energy. People leave their energetic imprints behind and as a person sensitive to new places and feels, I make it my own.  So whether you burn a little sage or palo santo they both have the same effect. Just don’t get into trouble! Opting for the spray version is just as effective. Make this new space your own by cleansing it out…. energetically speaking.


2. Yoga Mat: If you are willing to lug the big roll up like I do, then by all means, unroll that baby in your hotel room and practice away. There are great online sites or even YouTube channels that can help you get your practice on on the road. If not, finding a close yoga studio or borrowing items from the hotel gym where applicable is an option. Some great grounding poses (Google is your friend here) include:

  • Tadasana

  • Warrior Poses

  • Forward Folds

  • Legs up against the wall

  • Crocodile Pose with 1:2 ratio breathing. The last two will help with sleep which is where we detoxify the most. Establishing a good sleep cycle quickly is helpful.

  • Pranayam is powerful too – Nadi Shodhana and Kapalbhati


3. Probiotics: Gut health/flora and healthy elimination. That part of us that crazy ungrounding can affect greatly can be placated immensely by the use of a probiotic or probiotic rich foods/drinks. Kombucha anyone?


4. Aromatherapy: I opt for Lavender and Tea Tree oil in my toolkit but there are some lovely travel blends out there as well. Lavendar you can use in a bath as much as you can on skin and it is super calming and grounding.


5. Crystals: Yes I travel with tiny rocks but they are well intended ones. My go to carry-ons are Amethyst for good vibes, Smokey quartz, it’s super grounding. Someone once told me to place them under my feet when I land! Black Tourmaline is protecting and grounding as well.


6. Eat + Drink your Greens: healthy snacks and hydration. Making sure to not get caught up 24/7 in the on the road food travel cycle and try to find fresh juices, loads of water or great food options. Keep yourself energized for the full working days and protected from immune systems fails. If you are travelling for work you are probably faced with lots of take-out or restaurant meals, so try to scoff at the muffin (try!!) and leave it there. I am not perfect, when I am in Mexico I drink plenty of margaritas, but my mornings are green juice and yoga dedicated. Life is about balance, right?


When I am not at the helm of Makersapce North, I am a new yoga teacher and starting a new business dedicated to the feel good lifestyle called GoldFlyCo.


In honour of this post, I have a travel kit to give away - a crystal kit adorned with grounded goodies and some cleaning tools to help you claim your own home away from home.


Want to win the kit?

Spread #kindness and re-tweet or share this post on social media- don't forget to tag @TheKindVillage and @goldflyco


Happy Travels!


Peace, love and wanderlust.


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