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Kindness + IMPACT: If a 10 year old can do it....

You can never have too much kindness. 


Woodroffe Avenue Public School students have taken on the December Kindness Challenge to focus on what is important during what can be a stressful month for some families.  



They have baked cookies for others, gone visiting seniors, shovelled driveways, been more gentle and kind with themselves and spread kindness throughout our community and beyond. They are discovering that small kindnesses and gestures have a huge impact - not only do they make the people they are doing it for feel good but they get a lot from it too!


Here's what they had to say about the IMPACT.



"I held a door at school for my class and teacher. I did it because it's a nice and polite thing to do."


IMPACT: Some people said thank you and that felt nice for me.

- Kate


"I wrote all the things I admire about my teacher and I gave her the note. I did it because my teacher inspires me and she is really nice to me and helps me a lot."


IMPACT: It felt good to do something nice for someone else. I made my teacher feel happy.

- Shayla


"I sat down for about an hour and tried to figure out five things I like about myself. It opened my eyes to seeing how hard it can be to find things to like about yourself. It's much easier to see the things you like about other people." 


IMPACT: When I came up with the five things, I was able to realize that I am a really good person which was great for my own self-esteem.

- Samuel


 "I hosted a bottle flipping event to raise money to donate. I invited friends over for a night of fun games. Each friend paid money to play a game and at the end of the night we had raised $121.10. The next week, my family and I dropped the money off at the local food bank." 


IMPACT: I felt good about myself because I knew that the money was going to good use. It felt great to know that a 10 year old could do something that could make a difference in someone else's life. 

- Cameron


"I gave an hour of my time to someone else. After school, I went to read to the grade 1's. When all of the other grade 5's had left, I went with the grade 1's to play duck, duck, goose." 


IMPACT: I realize now how hard it is for the EDP teachers. They have to organize and play games for others and it is very tiring.

- Erika



"I put a note on my sister's bed. The note told her how nice she was and what a great sister she is." 


IMPACT: I felt good to share nice thoughts with my sister.



"I told my mother the five things I admire about her." 


IMPACT: She felt great. I felt great for making her feel great!

- Matthew



Kindness is easy to give and wonderful to get. Woodroffe Ave. PS is challenging everyone to take a on a kindness challenge or two and help to make our communities, city, country and world a better place.

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