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Pay It Forward Everyday

In this new age of technology, we've become connected seamlessly to happenings in our hometowns, states, countries, and around the globe that touch us. The Internet is at our disposal every day, providing us with stories just minutes old.


Though these stories are varied, many are uplifting accounts of kindness: a waitress gets a large tip, many times greater than the bill, because a patron overhears she's a single mom struggling to pay rent; a woman takes care of an elderly couple's home and pets while one of them is in the hospital; a kid grows his hair out and cuts it to give to his friend who is sick and losing his. 

These are exceptional examples of kindness and empathy with an important layer to it: none of the people above expect anything in return for their actions. Selflessness is the concern for the well being of others and the action that comes with it. The concept of "pay it forward" is rooted in this selflessness, with hope that once we receive or benefit from a kind gesture, it's then rewarded with a gesture of its own. 

We at The Make Life Good Company encourage everyone to "pay it forward" everyday in any small way possible. We are so connected to each other in so many ways today that our reach is not limited to our immediate circles. Our reach is worldwide. And it is our gesture that is remembered by those who are touched.


Pay It Forward. Today. And Everyday.

"No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted." - Aesop




About The Make Life Good Company


The mission of The Make Life Good Company is to remind, encourage and inspire people to "Make Life Good" for others. We try to do this through our t-shirts and other products that feature inspirational, motivational,  and positive messages.


The Make Life Good Company is a recognized Kind Business member of the Kind Village Community. 

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